Hume, last night:


One of the Iranian president’s top advisers claims Adolf Hitler was a Jew who co-founded the state of Israel. The Middle East Media Research Institute reports Mohammad Ali Ramin told an Iranian Web site that Hitler — who orchestrated the murder of millions of Jews — was the son of a Jewish prostitute… and that while the Nazi leader identified with the Jewish faith, he was also disgusted by it in part because of his mother’s promiscuous ways. Ramin said Hitler was driven to create a Jewish state by his Jewish relatives — and out of a desire to push the Jews out of Europe.

Is there any doubt that the bats are out and about?

Worse, there are actually some people who believe this rot.

This, too, is one of the things I was speaking about anger last night. It doesn’t hae to make any sense,… in fact it generally does not. All it needs be is loud and aggressive. THe similarity in attitude between this moron and those here at home I spoke of last night, is striking.




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