Paul Elias offers an interesting article on embryonic stem cells.   It may be possible to havest them from the amniotic fluid in the womb to obtain cells without killing a living human being.   Now amniotic fluid stem cells would have no more promise than embryonic stem cells, but they can be obtain without killing people.

Embryonic stem cells offer no medical promise.  Rather support for embryonic stem cell was a back door way to get the state to support abortion.   Kiling a human being to haverst his tissue is immoral and cheapens human  life. as does aborttion itself.

If amniotic fluid proves a viable source for stem cells, I predict the liberals will lose interest in embryonic stem cell reseach.

Update:  I overlooked one benefit of amniotic stem cells.   They can be uses to treat that person from from whom they were donated.   With embryonic stem cells the donor is killed.

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