From John Hawkins:

Democratic Whip Dick Durbin actually asked the Kos kids  (The Kos Kids!) for help in setting a Democratic Agenda for 2007 and I took the time to go through the almost 800 comments there to grab some of the more “interesting” suggestions that he received. Like…

“I see global warming mentioned frequently, but it is so often talked about without any aparent realization of what I call “Mother’s Skin.” That little bitty crust, with dirt and trees on top. That crust that is being stripped, logged, polluted by toxic wastes.From just beneath that crust flows our lifeblood, water. Precious and becoming scarce.

…These are all National Security issues, for if we do not heal Mother’s Skin, we dead. Dead.” — emmasnacker

“This president is lying to you,he does it all the time with help from our media,(we need an fairness act or bust them up), and you guys  still believe him and dont call him on it.Investigate on your own.. I  would bet you those 20,000 are going to iran..He is poking the bear  hoping someone will give him a reason to destroy them.Wag the dog
before you guys find out what he has done,.He is bombing africa now killing more innocents. He delibertly caused civil war and hunger in  afganis. iraq, helped israel killed innocent in palistine and leb.,is  bombing africa, and wants to do the same in iran..Dont you wonder when  he is going to start torturing and killing americans,he already has
camps set up, dont you know he has the power thanks to 109th to come  after you and your loved ones for no reason.. He is not above the law  but you guys are too afraid to stop him.” — bayside

You can read them all here,


Welcome to existing with the Democrats in power.  Does this nonsense surprise anyone, really?  I’m willing to bet that surprised those ‘libertarians’ and ‘conservatives’ who voted Democrat to teach the Republicans ‘a lesson’…. but it shouldn’t.

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