Ben ShapiroOn Townhall, Ben Shapiro is shocked, utterly shocked, that Nancy Pelosi is woman:

Apparently, Nancy Pelosi (D-San Francisco) is a woman. Coming on the heels of other shocking revelations, such as John Kerry’s service in Vietnam and Barack Obama’s racial background, Pelosi’s womanhood is a true stunner. Next we’ll be hearing that Hillary Clinton has a famous husband.

The MSM would never abide Mrs Pelosi’s over the top theatrics if she were a republcan.

More distrubing is Mrs. Pelosi’s chronic habit of using her ovaries as politcal shield for not using her brain:

In defending herself from charges of San Francisco liberalism, Pelosi relies once again on her ovaries. On September 21, 2006, Jim Lehrer interviewed Pelosi. “Finally, as you know — I’m sure you know — the Republicans running in these congressional races in November, you’re a target of a lot of this — speaking of focus — and they say, ‘Do you really want to turn the House of Representatives over to a liberal Democrat from San Francisco?’ How do you respond to that sort of thing?” he asked. “An Italian Catholic mother of five, grandmother of five, going on six,” Pelosi quickly responded. Pelosi is ardently pro-abortion, pro-homosexuality, soft on crime, soft on drugs, soft on illegal immigration, anti-gun rights, anti-religion and anti-welfare reform. She wants to dramatically escalate taxes and doesn’t believe that we’re currently engaged in a war on Islamism. But she used the Lamaze method, so don’t you dare call her a San Francisco liberal!

Intelligent voters expect political leaders to lead with the portion of their body which resides above their neck.   Not to worry under Sharia law, Mrs. Pelosi would not be allowed to show her head anyhow.

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