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One of the conclusions of the Iraq Study Group(ISG) or the Baker-Hamilton Report is that we could achieve stability in Iraq by negotiating with our enemies like Syria and Iran.   The Telegraph (UK) exposes Baker-Hamilton as delusional.

Rather than desiring stability in Iraq, Iran is funding the instabiity:

In a further development, US intelligence has learnt that the Shia-led Islamic regime is backing Sunni insurgents in Iraq, as well as the murderous militia operated by its fellow Shia clerics.

Iran’s policy of pursuing “managed chaos” in Iraq is mainly conducted by the Revolutionary Guards’ Quds (Jerusalem) Force, the military’s foreign arm, which also supports the Shia Hezbollah in Lebanon and the Sunni Hamas in the Palestinian territories.

Well the president was asked to examine different options for Iraq.   It is a shame that Jim Baker, Lee Hamilton and company failed to produce any. 

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