Hewett, this morning, points to a WaPo article, and suggests they’re helping Hillary Clinton and Obama clear the primary field of all opposition.

I don’t know as that’s the intent… though I wouldn’t put it past them, and frankly, their efforts are certainly helping to that end.

I guess if I was either one of those two, taking all the air out of the primary season, would certainly be on my agenda.

In watching this develop, however, I can’t help but look askance at the Obama candidacy.   The only times I’ve ever seen anyone come to the four in the democratic party, this fast, previously, was on two occasions… Howard Dean, and Bill Clinton.

On that basis, I can’t help but wonder, if this Obama thing… is becoming popular so quickly, and on such a scanty record, isn’t the Clintonites getting behind him, and using his rock star status, for the purpose of clearing out any possible competition. as much as there is an intense dislike for Hillary Clinton within the Democratic party, let’s face it; In a choice between Hillary and an unknown such as Obama, most Democrats will hold their nose and vote for Hillary Clinton.
Mind you, the Democrats are sure to go down in flames the scope of which will remind one of Ruby Ridge, in the general election, in such a situation, but I just don’t see this falling out any other way.

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