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The King is Dead, Long Live the King

The King(Fidel Castro) is dead:

HAVANA, Dec 2 (Reuters [1]) – Cubans were astonished by ailing Fidel Castro’s absence from his birthday parade on Saturday, but many believe the only leader they have known for 47 years will survive his health crisis and return to public life.


Whether they like his communist government or not, Cubans find it hard to get used to the idea the bearded revolutionary might no longer be around. Few thought he would fail to turn up on Saturday in his trademark green uniform

Long live the KIng (Hugo Chavez):

CARACAS, Venezuela (Reuters) [2] – Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez stormed to a re-election victory in Sunday’s vote, handing him an ample mandate to broaden his promised socialist revolution and challenge Washington’s influence in Latin America.