Ok, Baghdad is a Hell hole, but Baghdad is not Iraq.  In the New York Post, Amir Taheri, writes about, “The Boom Outside Baghdad:”

WHILE the American political elite is using Iraq as an ex cuse for fighting internal political wars, a different reality is taking shape in parts of this war-torn nation. Wherever some measure of security is assured – that is to say in more than 80 percent of Iraq – towns and villages long left to die a slow death are creeping back to life.

As Yogi Berra would say:  When you come to fork in the road, you take it.   It seems we can either let freedom do for all of Iraq what has done outside of Baghdad or let tyranny do what is has done for Baghdad.

More:  Don Singleton:

Amir Taheri wrote in New York Post When the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank reported two years ago that the Iraqi economy was heading for a boom, skeptics dismissed it as misplaced optimism. Now, however, even some of those who opposed the toppling of Saddam Hussein admit that many Iraqis share that optimism. Newsweek has just hailed the emergence of a booming market economy in Iraq as “the mother of all surprises,” noting that “Iraqis are more optimistic about the future than most Americans are.”

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