polarexpress.jpg Christmas, that is.

Yes, I know, you knew that already.  But, in many ways, I didn’t. Not really. I just couldn’t get myself into it, ths year, for reasons I can’t begin to understand much less explain.

But this evening, by chance, I happened across a showing of “The Polar Express” on cable.  Oh, I’d already seen it, of course. On an I-Max screen, in 3d, no less. (If you get the chance for that one… if they’re re-playing it on the big screen somewhere…. go… you won’t regret it). We’ve even managed to get a copy on DVD.
But for some reason, despite all of that, I stopped, and watched, and in so doing, I re-discovered it’s magic.  Tom Hanks is to be commended for creating a masterpiece with this one.

There is a moral to this story of course… that being the Christmas itself and the magic therein, needs to be rediscovered frequently, to be really understood. I’m sure I will comment more about this, as the season draws closer.


I’ve gotten a number of bits of e-mail, with regards to my comparison between the Iraq war, and world war two.  Just for those who don’t remember, I said, more or less:

Imagine trying to reconstruct Japan while the Kamkazie planes are still falling on our ships. No, we had to drop a couple atomic bombs to get the place pacified, first.

Imagine trying to play meals on wheels in Germany before the truce was signed. No, we had to firebomb a few cities first, to take the fight out of them.

Brutal? Certainly… But how would we have fared without such actions? Iraq gives us the answer. And how did we get into reconstruction prior to victory? To appease the anti-war crowd.

The responses that I’ve been getting, are cries of horror than I am apparently suggesting that brutal tactics be used in the process of winning the war. My friends, that’s what war IS. If you’re not willing to fight it, you’d best consign yourself to losing it. But really make sure that’s what you want to do.  Because, there are a number of nasty consequences for that loss.  Far nastier, than the consequences of winning.


This weekend, will be fairly busy for myself and my family.  Christmas shopping of course.  But more repairs on the house as well.  The final installment on the Bathroom sink project, for example.  I’ll have to tear it all down, plumbing and all, so that I can take the vanity away from the wall long enough to set up a hole in the vanity itself so that I can lag-bolt the thing to the wall.  It seems an extra step to have to tear it down again, but I wanted to make sure everything fit where I wanted it placed before I made the thing fast to the wall.  I’m no expert, but I’ll get there.


Happy birthday to the Dizzy Girl. I have been a longtime reader of Gennie.Since I started writing Bitsblog.  That’s years, gang. She should be on your favorites list, too.

A slow night tonight, so I won’t keep you.

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  1. You’re such a sweety. Thanks so much for the birthday wishes. And yes, I totally agree, everyone should have me on their favorites list. 😉

    And while I’m here, I may as well pimp my nomination for “Best Diarist” in the 2006 Weblog Awards. Everyone, please vote for me. I’m getting my butt whipped!