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Mrs. Pelosi’s Swamp, a Continuing Drama

pelosi23.jpgMrs. Pelosi pledged to drain the Republican swamp and serve the People’s interest and not special interests   Well that is what she said.

Well instead draining the swamp, Mrs. Pelosi is merely replacing the Republican alligators with Democrat ones, like Willam Jefferson, and John Conyers    The San Francisco Chronicle details the special interests to which  Mrs. Pelosi will pander.

(12-19) 04:00 PST Washington [1] — All eyes in the capital are fixed on Rep. Nancy Pelosi of San Francisco as she prepares to be sworn in Jan. 4 as the nation’s first female House speaker. But less notice has been paid to the lawmakers, lobbyists, aides, business leaders and friends who will be whispering in her ear as she leads a new Democratic Congress.

One only hopes that Mrs. Pelosi’s herd of lobbyists will not interfere with her planned coronation. [2]