Amanda Bronstad has an interesting story about, ” More JudgesPacking Pistols in Courtrooms:”

Despite increased security at courthouses following shootings in Chicago and Atlanta about one year ago, many judges are bringing their own guns into their courtrooms for protection.

Earlier this month, a Florida judge was ordered to accept mentoring after warning a defense attorney that he was “locked and loaded.” In May, a judicial ethics committee of the New York State Unified Court System found that it was ethical for a judge to carry a pistol into his courtroom.

There are two ways to take this story.   The hopeful is that demigods in black robes have decided, at long last, to show some long overdue respect for the Second Amendment.

The realist view is that these black robed wonders have deemed themselves above the same law they impose on us mere mortals.  That while judges will see fit to protect themselves, they will continue to deny that same right for you to protect yourself and your family.

I say the surest way get sane laws to require that they be uniformly enforced.  That to say that a citizen appearing before a judge should have the exact same right to carry as the judge, no more, no less.   If judges deem that citizens aren’t entitled to the right to keep and bear arms, then judgesshould not expect to enjoy that right either.

The same should go for all other polticians as well.

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