Now that Democrats are back in power the politics of fear and envy is back in vogue.

It’s hard to open a newspaper or watch the news without hearing about the “income gap” or the “wealth gap.”

CNN anchor Lou Dobbs, well dressed and well fed (Lou certainly is up in that one percent of the population earning 20 percent of the income), goes on and on, night after night, about the “War on the Middle Class.”

Whose war, Lou? Who’s running it? Exactly who is it that is attacking our middle class? Is it those folks who, instead of sitting on the couch and listening to Lou, are actually working and taking responsibility for their lives?

That’s Star Parker. She’s had a home run with this one.  The democrats, having no other ideas to run on , go directly back to their socialist roots.  And of course, like true socialists.  In the Soviet cents, there seems to be an awful lot a cash flowing around amongst the people who were supposedly “fighting for the little people.  “

Fear and envy create wealth for politicians who use these levers, as Democrats want to do now, to activate and grow government as a pretense for solving problems that people can only solve for themselves.

Ain’t it real.

Welcome to government with the Democrats in power.

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