hillarysm.jpgSen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is polishing up one of her more famous phrases as she edges closer to a presidential run, writing in a new introduction to her book “It Takes a Village” that Sept. 11 and the Internet make her tome on child-rearing even more relevant today.

“The five years since 9/11 have reinforced one of my main points: How children are raised anywhere can impact our lives and our children’s futures,” Clinton writes in the introduction to the 10th anniversary edition of the book, which goes on sale Dec. 12. An early copy was obtained by the Associated Press.

I suppose there to be no better proof that this woman is going for the White House than this move.  Ironically, it’s not her best selling point.

“Today’s electronic village has certainly complicated the always difficult challenge of parenting and raising the next generation,” Clinton writes, noting that in 1996 few were on the Internet and cell phones “weighed as much as bricks.”

Of course, she doesn’t make mention of the fact that she and her kind of make it more difficult yet, by insisting that government can do it all for them. 

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One Response to “It Takes a Village Idiot”

  1. It take a village, i.e, the nanny state
    worked when Mrs. Clinton could feign peace
    in the previous century.  Well this is
    The Twenty First Century and last century’s
    issues are not relevant.