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Fools Rush In….

I see by way of OTB [1], an article in the WaPo [2] reporting that John Edwards has decided to enter the race for the Democratic nominatinon for President.

 Edwards has no chance whatever of playing any role of greater import than spoiler, here.

His team have already shown themselves to be inept, pushing Edwards into this meat grinder a day earlier than they planned,  (Irony: His chosen motto for the campaign: “Tommorw begins Today”.)… and anwyay, the Obama /Clinton monster will likely eat his lunch before June.



To the point I made about the staff’s cluelessness, up spings Byron York at The Corner [3]:

 The first lesson of Edwards’ announcement this morning is this: If you are going to wear a wireless microphone so you can appear before the press without the artifice of a podium, you should make sure your staff puts new batteries in the transmitter, so your audio signal will not deteriorate as it runs out of juice, or as it encounters interference from the zillions of other wireless devices at the news conference.  Better yet, use a wire.

Ummm. Yeah.

York makes another point about the monochrome look of the crowd, too… and it’s a valid point.   One thing he does NOT say, but I will: It’s interesting that Edward’s kick-off is a bitch-fest about the federal government’s handling of the aftermath of Katrina… for two reasons.

 First, as we’ve discussed here the federal government did it’s job according to the agreement that the state and local governments signed off on. The screwups that happened were at the state and local levels, both of which are run by morons in Edwards’ own party… the Democrats. You’d think he’d want to avoid this subject.

Secondly, if we can take the tenor of this kick off as any indication, his entire campaign will be wrapped around blaming George Bush for everything. Apparently, the failure the last time he tried this “I’m not George W Bush” tack hasn’t made much of an impression. I think we can take this as solid indication that he’s brought nothing new to the table for this go-around.

Between his staff and his personal choices, one wonders if he’s got the smarts to make it to the June date I’ve already mentioned.