WASHINGTON —FOX- U.S. Ambassador to the U.N. John Bolton has abandoned his quest to remain at the world body next year, sending formal notice to the White House that he will leave when his temporary appointment expires in the coming weeks.

The White House, which had been holding out hope for Bolton despite the writing on the wall, has been tight-lipped about any other possible candidates for the U.N. post. Deputy Amb. Alejandro Wolff is expected to fill in as acting ambassador until a nominee can be confirmed in the Senate. That won’t be until January at the earliest

Not a shock at all. As Allah notes:

Bad things happen when you lose your majority.

And yes, I regard this as bad for the US. We need a strong person who represents US interests there… who’s not going to put up with the nonsense that is part and parcel of the UN. Alas, the Democrats, fools that they be, don’t want that.