Henke (who, with sanity kicking in, I find myself reading less of these days), notes Ted Rall, (whom I try to read never), calling for the banning of the Republican party.

Yeah, you’ve read correctly. Says Rall:

It’s not as wild as you might thing. (sic) Political parties are banned all over the earth. For instance, the Communist Party is banned in Russia and the Nazi Party is prohibited in Germany. The Republican Party hasn’t murdered in the tens of millions, but why wait?

Well, I guess thare’s the storm trouper coming out again. One wonders if he really supports such bans… (The Democratic party would for example have been banned under Saddam…) …but let’s look at the arguments laid by his drooling reader:

Republicans have attempted to destroy our constitution by tearing down the wall between church and state. They have attempted to subvert our constitution to create a theocracy. The GOP itself is guilty of treason.

Once supposes that they would have tried the same with George Washington, who wrote:

“It is impossible to rightly govern the world without God and the Bible”

… and…

“To the distinguished character of a Patriot, it should be our highest glory to add the more distinguished character of a Christian.”

Says Rall’s (apparent) fan:

Republicans nominated a man unfit for the presidency, a man who lacks the intellectual curiosity, the disposition, and the decency to be president of the United States. They knew he was incompetent when they nominated him. They put the quest for power above the good of the nation. They have committed treason. The GOP should cease to exist as a political party.

Now, of course the idea that this idiots judgements about the President are politically motivated never enter what laughingly passes as his thought. Further, some level of desperation is apparent, here. And is the writer tacitly admitting their guy was, by not beig elected, deemed more incompetent than Mr. Bush, who WAS elected?  Clearly they couldn’t beat this ‘incompetent’, even in the kind of dirty fight the Democrats aranged…. both times… and so the response is to, like the totalitarians Democrats have become,  call for the use of government to ban their opposition.

But the writer goes on, as if to confirm my read:


Republicans have destroyed our environment. During the 1990s, a critical time during which we could have begun reversing global climate change, they funded corporate pseudo scientists to befuddle the public and browbeat the media into believing, against all reason and common sense, that humans are not responsible for the rapid global climate change we are experiencing. They have put not just our country but the world at risk. The GOP should cease to exist.

 Actually, no. Global warming is a farce, and the science is thereproving it. The only way apparently, to stop such results from coming into the public eye is to ban the Republican party. Yeah, that’ll do it.  And are the rest of us really to accept what Rall and his followers claim as ‘reason’ and ‘common sense’? Again, the facts are not on the side of this writer, so his desperate response is to use the power of government to ban the opposition.


Republicans have been attempting to destroy our public education system for the past 30 years. In doing so, they have attacked the very foundation of our democratic society: An educated populace capable of analytical thought. The GOP deserves to be abolished from American politics forever for this crime.

I agree…Education is the foundation of our society… and it’s not a democracy, but a REPUBLIC… and thank God for that.  But actually, the American educational system has destroyed itself, aided by Democrats who arranged the government takeover of it… government takeover being the fastest way to destroy anything.   

And then we come to the heart of the left’s mantra of late:

 Republicans have destroyed American foreign policy, destroyed our global credibility, played upon fears to justify a senseless war, and ultimately served as a recruiting tool for terrorists. No political party should be allowed to survive after such a blunder.

 And whom it was whose misguided foreign policy.. the placating of such terrorists and the countries that sponsor them, and the party whose goden boy was responsible for it, and the results of that misbegotten policy, has apparently gotten right by this numbnuts.




And finally Republicans have turned Americans against Americans, families against families, gays against straights, religious against nonreligious. They have preyed on our bigotry. They have appealed to the basest instincts of human nature: To hate what one does not understand.

So… let me understand this clearly… this is your excuse for ten years of losing elections? And the last line… this this an explaination of why you and Rall hate the Republican party enough to want them banned?

I guess I DO understand you clearly. The totalitarian methods you call for show this much…. You clearly haven’t the wit to understand them.

All you have, is hate.


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