Ace notes Andrew the Excitable as saying:

I’ve often wondered how many straight Catholics fully appreciate how gay their church has always been. Especially in the old days. High Mass was, in its heyday, more elaborate and choreographed than a very melodramatic Broadway musical. Do people really believe that gay priests and religious had nothing to do with it? They had everything to do with it.

The first time I walked into a gay disco, with all those lights, music, ritual and smoke, my immediate thought was: church! Madonna gets this, whatever Jonah says. Because she’s a born-and-bred Catholic, which Jonah isn’t. It’s theater, sweetie, theater. And the Church once understood that – which was part of its beautiful Catholicity. Gone, now, alas. But Benedict is helping nudge it back. And although I tease him about it, it’s a wonderful thing. More incense, please. And lace.

Says Ace:

There’s nothing sadder than an aging homosexualist.

Now, mind you, I’m not posting this because I’m giving Sullivan any creds, here.  I stopped doing that years ago. I’m simply noting the increasingly downward trajectory, that I predicted three years ago was inevitable. 

I also said about the same time, that there was only one thing , the drives Sullivan’s politics, his commentaries, his very being.  Go back up and read that quote, and tell me what that might be. clearly, if there has been a change in that aspect, it is that it has intensified. 

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  1. This a family blog and appropriate comments on
    Andrew Sullivan’s choices would be in poor taste.