Michelle Malkin, this morning, passes along some information regarding that supposedly “lone wolf” would-be bomber in Chicago:

I just got back from a trip to the mall to see the headlines about the alleged Chicago terrorist mall plot:

ABC News has learned a Chicago-area man has been charged with plotting a terrorist attack.Derrick Shareef, of Rockford, Ill was arrested Wednesday by the Joint Terrorism Taskforce when he met an undercover agent to trade hand grenades and a 9-millimeter handgun for a set of stereo speakers.

Shareef is accused of planning to use firearms and explosives to attack the CherryVale shopping mall in Rockford. The alleged plan was to target the 130-store mall during the holiday shopping season.

In September, Shareef became acquainted with a confidential witness who was cooperating with the FBI and confided to him that he wanted to commit acts of violent jihad against civilians.

On December 2, Shareef and the confidential source made video tapes of their last wills and testament.

On the video, Shareef again mentions jihad and says, “This is a warning to those who disbelieve, that we are here for you and I am ready to give my life.”

She has lots more details, including the affidavit.

Clearly, this man is not the brightest bulb in the string.  But, let’s look seriously at how such people come into being, shall we?  This is simply more of the consequences we spoke of recently, as regards letting the Islamo-facists be heros.

In terms f this moron in Chicago, here’s somebody, who, like many of the others I’ve written about in these spaces, had basically nothing going on in their lives.  Such people are invariably looking for something to empower themselves, and in the doing, he discovered the violent side of Islam. it is often said that people who don’t believe in something will believe in anything.  Put another way, such hateful messages, are generally are written best on a blank slate.

In this case there appears to be something more to the family relationships… something which to my mind is rather revealing.

Of course the family of this slimeball claims they’ve no idea how he got mixed up in all of this, according to a report by WIFR in Rockford Ill. But look down the report at the very last line of it tells is something of interest:

His mother, one Marie Shultz, is working on marriage number two.  This moron’s father lives in SouCal, and is a member of the Nation of Islam.
But look closely at this man’s words, in that affidavit Michelle’s got up. For all of the claims of religiosity and even in the scope of Islam, his comments don’t seem very religious, nor very peaceful, for that matter.  Islam simply becomes an outlet for this man’s twisted anger. Again, in his mindlessness, he sees the ideal as the Islamic wackos… he sees them as heroes.
And how do we let Islamo-facists be heros? A group that numbnuts like this Derrick Shareef. can hold as someone to look UP to?

By letting them win in the middle east, and elsewhere. This kind of monster is onlyb the tip of the ‘burg… such people will be crawling out of the woodwork, if we withdraw from Iraq without crushing our enemy there.