NEW YORK -AP- High traffic disrupted Wal-Mart Stores Inc.’s Web site for much of Friday, one of the year’s busiest shopping days.

The Walt Disney Co. also had problems handling the rush of online activity Friday, while Inc.’s site had brief disruptions a day earlier due to a Thanksgiving Day sale on Microsoft Corp.’s Xbox 360 video game machines. spokeswoman Amy Colella blamed a “higher than anticipated traffic surge.”

The Wal-Mart site appeared to be back to normal mid-afternoon Friday, after frustrating countless potential shoppers for some 10 hours.

Keynote, which regularly monitors performance at leading Web sites, said its probes began detecting problems at about 4:30 a.m. EST. Throughout the morning, visitors still could access portions of the site but generally ran into difficulty before completing purchases.

Whoa, hold it.
The traffic overwhelmed the server at 4:30am?
Sorry, I don’t care HOW crazy stuff gets… I don’t buy that this was naturally occuring traffic that crippled them. I’ve got to assume some sort of coordinated attack was going on. And, why would they want to do THAT, do you suppose? (Snork)

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