Powerline, today:

Rumor has it that the Washington Post will name Susan Glasser, currently the head of the paper’s Outlook section, to be in charge of all news sections at the Post.

I’ve heard similar rumors.. from of all places, the Post, themselves. And it makes sense, from a busienss perspective.  As PL points up:

…under Glasser the Outlook section seemed to adopt “a feminist agenda with a lot of navel gazing,” becoming something of a ‘Joy Luck Club’ for liberals finding life difficult. One Power Line reader who knows Glasser described her as “a flaming feminist. . .who would remind the average conservative blogger of Mary Mapes.”

A brilliant bit of targeting, really.  Who else reads the Washington Post, anymore, except for liberals, who think Mary Mapes is an unbiased news person, unfairly targeted by those opposed to John Kerry?