-(Newsmax)- Whistle-blowers tipped off the government to $1.3 billion worth of fraud cases over the past year, largely at hospitals or other health care providers, the Justice Department said Tuesday.In all, the department recovered $3.1 billion in settlements – what prosecutors said was a record amount – from individuals and companies during the 2006 fiscal year that ended Sept. 30.

Most of it came from the healthcare sector….

The single largest settlement, worth $920 million, came against Dallas-based Tenet Healthcare Corp. (THC), the nation’s second-largest hospital chain. Following claims from six whistle-blowers, prosecutors accused Tenet of overbilling the government for $806 million in Medicare payments and paying $49 million in kickbacks to doctors who referred patients to the health care chain.

Someone want to explain to me how it is that Hillary care is going to make us that much more efficient?  The bottom line is that every time we turn anything over to the government this kind of thing ensues.  (Note the choice of words.)

Every single time.

And don’t tell me about how a well designed government one health care system will solve this problem.  What you’re talking about is establishing more law to deal with criminality.  That never works.  Criminality by definition is outside the law.  Redesigning the law is simply a shuffling of the deck chairs on the Titanic.

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