I’m not sure which is more terrifying; seeing the world of Islam covering the whole of Europe, or the whole of Europe and the whole of the anti-American left denying that that’s what’s happening… and more, denying that such events will affect us.

As recently as 50 years ago people coming to the United States of America were required to have the ability of speaking at least a smattering of English and demonstrate some understanding of America’s history and its culture. People coming here had a willingness, nay, a joy in adopting American culture has their own. As a result, America grew into and continues to be at the moment the strongest nation in the world… that shining city on the hill that Ronald Reagan reminded us of.

What we see going on in western Europe today however, gives one serious pause. The Europeans seemingly, have neglected their own civilization, their own culture, to the point of its demise. People arriving from middle eastern countries, legally or illegally, have been accepted with one arts and open arms by their European brothers and sisters. Trouble is, they’ve been accepted without any stipulations that if you want to join our club you need to be one of us and adapt our cultural values and in short, be a part of our country. The result is alarming, even in terms of raw numbers.

Paul Harvey commented on the news Friday noon, that the number of French citizens who practice Islam was… get this… fourteen times higher than the amount of evangelical Christians in France. France is has the largest Muslim population, at around 5 million, as of 2002, and trhat number has grown to a point today where there are by some reports, upwards of 8 million there that the French know about. Thing is, last I saw there were similarly all arming numbers in Germany, and in the whole of Europe for that matter. Also on the list are Luxembourg, Denmark and the Netherlands. All are supporting extraordinary numbers of Islamics these days.

Now before you get started;
Yes, it is arguably problematic to suggest that the number of Islamics as a whole, directly translates to the number of followers of radical Islam. However it would be far more problematic to suggest that this large shift in numbers over the last 100 years or so does not represent a threat to western civilization, even from a merely cultural standpoint.

I would go one step farther, however; The implications of this huge disparity in cultural influence, in the countries of old Europe, raise serious questions about the very survival of what we now consider to be western civilization.

Now, if that sounds overdramatic, I’d like you to consider something. Radical middle east leaders have for decades been trying to lay their hands on nuclear weapons for what would seem obvious reasons to most people; the destruction of the west. It deserves to be pointed out however, that there are several ways by which you can obtain such nuclear weapons. You could certainly steal them, you could buy them on the black market regardless of U.N. sanctions, you could build them yourself again ignoring the U.N. sanctions, you could get them from friends…… or you could suddenly find yourself with a voting majority in a country that already has nuclear weapons say… mmmmmmmmm…. France, for example….

(Cartoon courtesy of Cox and ForkumBookmark their site; it’s worth it.)

It doesn’t take a great deal of brain power to understand why Chriac was so worried about being seen as supporting us in Iraq. There is already a huge Islamic voting bloc in France… enough, in that fractured political system, to create an Islamic Majority before long. Chirac clearly saw himself as vulnerable to that huge bloc of Islamic voters. He is; He could be voted out by them. Unfortunately, he’s more right than he knows and completely ignores the larger threat; what he could be replaced with.. And it’s not just him in danger, but his beloved France as well as the rest of the western world.

The lesson here is one about our own immigration policies and our attitudes towards accepting foreigners into our country who are not willing to accept our way of life as their own. France has been doing this for many years. I’m sure to this day that they still consider this attitude, and this open policy, a noble gesture to our foreign bretheren. All very open minded and whatnot. Fact is, they’re slitting their own cultural throat along with that of the rest of western society. That throat-cutting is already starting to get all too literal, too, if the recent events in the Netherlands are of any indication.

In France it’s already a serious issue. In his Tech Central Station article, Jean-Christophe Mounicq tells us:

In France young Muslims may burn synagogues: nobody will dare to name the perpetrators and identify them as Muslims. Hundreds of young Muslims can scream "Death to the Jews" at a Jewish singer during a concert organized by Bernadette Chirac for ill children, but the First Lady will not react, pretending to be as deaf as her husband.

We here in the United States have considered their policies vary broadminded and very much worth emulating, and have gone to great lengths in the namke of political correctness to do so. However, the indications that we have now are that such policies are neither worthy, nor desirable, particularly if cultural survival is at all on our menu. Such policies, such a way of thinking, is in fact self destructive.

Michelle Malkin has of late been beating the drum rather vigorously for increased border security. She and I are in large agreement on the point she raises about that. I have great respect for this lady, as I think I have mentioned previously.

But she doesn’t seem to be going quite far enough in this area, I think. She should be campaigning at least as vigorously for such immigrants to these United States to adopt the culture and the cultural values of these United States.

A quick look at that lady will tell you that she is a member of a racial minority. Yet I can’t think of anyone who would qualify as being “more American” than she. She knows in a very personal way the values of immigrants adopting American society has their own. She is a fine example of what one can achieve when one does so. She is, therefore, the worldwide lefts worst nightmare. And yes I include radical Islam in that statement. One would think Michelle would be speaking louder on that aspect of Americanism.

And yes, I know, that there are several interpretations as to what constitutes radical Islam. Indeed, in his TCS article, Jean-Christophe Mounicq suggests we should be freindly to the ‘moderate’ Muslims. Thereby, there are serious questions as to what kind of threat this Islamic takeover of the European Union constitutes. Perhaps the fastest and most effective way of answering those questions however is to come at this from the opposite angle, with a question: what constitutes moderate Islam? Is there such an animal? And if there is, how many wolves are in that sheep’s pen?

Lawrence Auster wrote an interesting article called the search for moderate Islam in front page magazine recently. He argues not only that there is no such animal as moderate Islam as an identifiable political movement but that it simply cannot exist. And he makes a strong case. Read the whole thing.

So how can we seperate the radical from the warm and fuzzy Islamic? We cannot, because there is nothing even approaching the latter, out here in the real world.

Ann Coulter, a woman with a reputation for cutting through the bull, once noted

100 percent of the successful terrorist attacks on commercial airlines for 20 years have been committed by Arabs. 

When there is a 100 percent chance, it ceases to be a profile. It's called a "description of the suspect." This is not a psychological judgment about an ethnic group; it is an all-points bulletin: Warning! The next terrorist to board a commercial flight will be an Arab or Muslim male.

Look, gang… the patterns on this are already well-established. We know who the perps are, and they’re showing us everything they intend to do. France has already dug it’s own grave, along with, perhaps most of the EU countries.

Must the US follow them into oblivion?