A fellow Blogspotter, Don Surber (Whose blog really should be on your list) points out today that of the voices raised in apology for lynching, the one voice who you’d thikn would have more to say on the subject than any other, was silent… Robert KKK Byrd. Says Don:

The Conscience of the Senate was a no-show when the Senate finally apologized for being an accessory to murder. The protector of the Right to Filibuster was silent when the filibuster's darkest days were acknowledged. The Grand Kleagle of the Raleigh Kounty Klavern was ignored when his organization's favorite tool of terrorism was denounced.

Much as I question the value of such manuvers on the whole, the same way I question ‘reparations” there’s a couple lessons here, it seems to me:

It took a Republican majoruty to even consider such a bill… and a positon most leftists and civil rights groups would support; The Democrats didn’t do this.

Secondly, If a Republican were doing the silent number, do you think the race war lords like Jesse Jackson wouldn’t be screaming like Howard Dean clones about it?

Update: Captain Ed puts a somewhat finer spin on it, wondering who will issue the apoligies for the Fillibuster? Ed points out that the Fillibuster was used to keep the Federal Government from acting on the issue.

Gee… this has a rather catchy ring to it… amlost like I’ve heard it before…. somewhere…