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Snugg Harbor: The Music Meme Strikes Again!

Guy, over at Snugg Harbor [1]..(Whose link I really need to update)…. has pikcked up The Music Meme and tagged me with it.

Me? The guy with, literally, 20,000 LP’s in his basement, and a similar number of CD’s?  Music?

Well, let’s see.

1. What’s the last popular tune that got stuck in your head?

Don Williams’ “Tulsa Time”

2. What popular tunes do you most dread to hear, because they get stuck in your head?

Any Jimmy Webb tune.

3. When last you were in a commercial establishment, and their “courtesy” music caused a tune to get stuck in your head:
a. Where were you?
b. What was the tune?
c. Did you complete the transaction you’d gone there for, or did you flee screaming and vowing never to return?

Wegmans… a grocery store
Bruce Hornsby’s “Walk in the sun” off of “Hot House”
I rather enjoyed it, actually… it’s one of the better tunes on that disc. Ticked me off no end when they interupted the tune to call for a price check…

4. When last a television commercial caused a tune to get stuck in your head:
a. What was the commercial for?
b. What was the tune?
c. Did you shrug it off, or vow never again to patronize the establishment?

Alka Seltzer
“The shape of things to come”
I bought the record. Irony abounds… it was years before I bought the product.

5. What is your usual recourse when a tune gets irritatingly, stubbornly, maddeningly stuck in your head?

Play something form the opposite end of the spectrum. Example; If the stuck song is Bach’s Brandenburg, play something a bit chaotic, such as Pat Metheney’s “Quartet” disk.

6. What five bloggers would you like to afflict, ah, infect with this meme?
Play something from the opposite end of the spectrum.

That’s a bit harder.

Tom Galvin [2],Dodd Harris, [3] Ace [4], Chuck Simmins [5], and Perry [6], I guess.