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Regarding Rove’s Ramble: Reactionaries Re-Regurgitate Rubbish

Fran says this one pretty well [1], in regards to the wailing from the Democrats over Rove:

  • When the Democrats start choosing spokesmen who articulate unabashedly pro-freedom, pro-capitalism, pro-American views,
  • When Democratic presidential candidates cease to speak of accommodating and negotiating with those who hate us and what we stand for,
  • When the heavily left-liberal Old Media cease to harp on trivia such as Abu Ghraib and the spate of ridiculous allegations about Camp X-Ray while Muslim savages kill, torture and maim without restraint,
  • When liberals cease to suffix a "but" clause to every allowance, however pale, that we're the good guys, and frankly and openly state that America deserves to defend itself and its interests with all the powers at its command,
  • ...then your Curmudgeon might grant a nanosecond of consideration to their protests. Not before.

    Ain’t it real….
    The bottom line here is Rove has hot on a great truth… and an uncomfortable one for the Democrats… particularly in light of Durbin the other day.

    OTB has comments as well [2], and particularly cheak the reader comments there. Lots of proof of Rove’s being spot on listed in there.