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Klien on Dobbs

Lou Dobbs [1] apparenly decided not to cave to the pressure from the Clintonistas, and interview Ed Klein.author of the book “THe Truth About Hillary”. Dobbs even went so far as to ask a good question:

DOBBS: Well, let me ask our director something. Do we have a clip of what Billy Graham said this weekend about the Clintons? Can we roll that and -- for the audience and for Ed Klein? I want to get your reaction to what Billy Graham, the noted, wonderful evangelist had to say yesterday, with the Clintons in attendance.


REV. BILLY GRAHAM, EVANGELIST: I thought that when he left the presidency, he should be an evangelist. Because he has all the gifts. And he could leave his wife to run the country.


DOBBS: Billy Graham either read your book or didn't agree with the conclusions. That's a remarkable endorsement, statement of personal affection and regard. Do you believe that Hillary Clinton is, in your judgment, qualified to be president of the United States?

KLEIN: I don't believe in coincidences, and I don't believe that Hillary Clinton was sitting on the stage with the most famous evangelist in America at a time when she's trying to convince the entire country that she believes in God, prayer, family, patriotism, and she isn't a leftist.

Klien also points up the idea that one major reason JPod was so down on Klien’s book is Podhoretz has one coming out, too… which I wasn’t aware of.