So, they found Jackson not guilty? Yeah, big shock. While some will complain that he was exonerated by his fame, I don’t think that was the only factor at work, here.

I stand my my comments from last November, when this merry go-round started.

Boortz had something to say about all this too, back then, and his thoughts in this post turned up true.

There’s a number of folks who won’t like the outcome, here. But you really need to wonder what the motivation is for some. Yes, I’m sure there are some who think the charges against him are true, regardless of a jury’s ruling on the matter.

Which leads me to one thing that interests me here; the financial fallout;

Sneddon will retiire on a government pension plus his own savings from a salary that most Americas would envy.

Jackson, meanwhile, is, by virtue of his own excesses, worse than broke, and will need to raise funds. I suppose and expect his ability to do so to be somewhat restricted following the nature of this trial, regardless of the “Not Guilty” outcome.