I think we now have on record, an example of what is it for a Senator’s comments to go over the line far enough to where the Senator is actually in support of the enemy.This one.

Mr. Durbin, I have a news flash for you. You’re supporting the enmies of America. It’s that cut and dried.


Been kind of a weird day, and I’ve had some time to think about this one.
Several points:

First, this bit by Durbin goes to my statement about How-Weird Dean being perfect representation for the Democratic Party…. that the actualy think the way How-Weird talks. This is further exemplified by nobody from his party barking him down.

Secondly, Durbin should resign from office. Barring that, his district should start making noises about removing him from office.

Thirdly, his statements after that bit in the committee meeting the other day, were even worse, as far as I’m concerned.

Fourth, the tactics as he mentions in his tirade did get us the info we needed to keep our soldiers and our civilians safer.  There is only one conclusion as to why he would ignore this point; Losing this ability is his desire.