Dick Morris in the NY Post, this morning:

Rosen has been indicted for deliberately reporting that the cost of an August 2000 Hollywood fund-raising gala was only $400,000 when the actual tab was $1.2 million — a step that let Mrs. Clinton spend $800,000 more in “hard money” for her campaign. (After Hillary and opponent Rick Lazio agreed to ban soft money, both camps were scrambling to maximize their hard money on hand).

The New Orleans Times-Picayune has reported on a transcript of a Sept. 4, 2002, audiotape of a dinner between Rosen and Ted Kennedy in-law Raymond Reggie, who was wearing a wire. Most news accounts have left out the fact that Rosen implicated himself with each bite of steak.

On tape, the paper reported, Rosen “acknowledges that the gala probably cost far more to produce than he reported on federal campaign forms.” Rosen says of the fund-raiser, “We woulda never done it if the guy [Peter Paul] said he spent $2 million. So now he’s [Paul] saying he spent $2 million on an event that raised $1.4.” Rosen goes on to agree that “he may have” spent the $2 million.

Reggie, whose sister is Ted Kennedy’s wife, will get no more than five years in prison on bank-fraud convictions in return for cooperation and testimony at Rosen’s trial.

Several things.

  • There is no way in the world, as a practical matter, Hillary Clinton did NOT know what was going on, here.
  • The involvement of Klan Kennedy in this is of interest and will unquestionably cause even further investigations of “Teddy the Oldsmobile Sailor” and his re-election campaigns.
  • This also, it seems would involve a number of people at the DNC
  • If I’m Rick Lazio, and the RNC, I’m thinking of filing suit against Hillary and the DNC for a stolen election. Granted, Lazio was stupid for taking Hillary at her word, particularly as regards soft money. But I think a case can be made here that she got the election illegally. And where does this leave all of the post 2000 election claims from the Democrats about stolen elections?  Exposed as the hypocritical nonsense it’s always been
  • All of this will be timing out nicely for the mid-term elections. If more news of Democrat fraud at the highest levels of the Democratic Party, don’t damage the already damaged Democrats, and their election chances, I can’t think of much that will.
  • You can, for example, forget any possible chances of Hillary Clinton running for President… which is actually too bad.. I’d like to have seen her get handed her fat ass in a basket, as certainly would have happened… even without this fraud being revealed. With it… She’s damaged goods and the Demorats won’t go for her running.
  • We have just scratched the surface on this one. As Morris himself says…

    Rosen says he spoke to then-President Bill Clinton regularly — at least once a week — about the campaign fund-raising. What could the president have told him that the federal prosecutors would find interesting? We may find out.

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