Captain’s Quarters has up new stuff on the Sponsorship scandal in Canada, as promised yesterday.

Tony Blair is moving toward another victory in England. The only question is, will the Conservatives there pick up any seats. I may get into some more extensive commentary on this this weekend, but for now, remember… the Conservatives there are not losing because they’re conservatives… but rather because they’re not… even by the standards of the socialist Brits.

What do you know…. the Debt’s disappearing. And dispite their trying to snatch defeat out of the arms of victory, even the WaPo had to admit it today.

Mother’s day this weekend. Gonna be a nice day here in Rochester come Sunday.

Cinco de Mayo today. Given the leak in our southern border, you’ll forgive me if I don’t celebrate.

Karl Marx’s brithday today, too. Sorry, given the damage he caused the world… Same answer…. I’m not interested in a celebration.

Moonbat Kucinich is all ticked off at Howard Dean… So says Lockjaw… Of course Moonbat’s complaint is Dean isn’t being leftist enough.