You may note if you look really close that I have no link on my pages for “The Moderate voice”.
This kind of nonsense is why.

He takes offense to Pat Robertson’s suggesting on last Sunday’s ABC THIS WEEK that our problems with the Judiciary are more serious than those we have with terrorism… that the Judiciary creates more damage.

“The Moderate Voice” clearly can’t get past his own religious intolerance to see Robertson is correct;

This kind of verbal overkill stops political debate ? cold. So Robertson now says our judges are in some ways worse than terrorists. Why? Because they don’t rule the way HE wants.

The first couple commenters to the thread say it well, but this writer says it best:

Do you think it is more likey that your life would be ruined by a terrorist or a frivolous lawsuit?

Do you think your freedoms are more likely to be limited by the legislator, the executive or the judiciary?

Which branch of government is most responsible for drawing the battle lines in the culture war in the U.S.?

Just so. Time to have the integrity to admit that Robertson is right on this point.

(post re-written 15 minutes after first posted)