Stanley Kurtz at The Corner:

“Contemporary liberalism seeks to diminish Christianity and promote secularism. And liberals sometimes do this in ways that play into the hands of Islamic terrorists. I suppose I could be talking about Newsweek, but I’m really thinking of ‘Kingdom of Heaven,’ Ridley Scott’s film about the Crusades. I had the misfortune of seeing ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ the other day. It is the apotheosis of Hollywood’s secular liberalism. Hatred of religion. That is what ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ is about. Every scene, every character, every plot-twist advances the central message: religion bad/secularism good. Are secular liberals running a campaign against ‘people of faith?’ You bet they are. Just go to the movies and you’ll see it. This is not about making money. ‘Kingdom of Heaven’ is pulling Hollywood further into its slump. Who wants to see this p.c. propaganda, anyway? No, the media’s on a crusade against religion. And they’re sinking under the weight of their missionary obsession. “

Bingo, Stan. Welcome to the party.