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House Bill Ties U.N. Dues to Reform

FOXNews [1] says:

WASHINGTON — A U.S. congressional committee has drafted a bill that threatens to withhold tens of millions of dollars in dues from the United Nations (search) unless the world body conducts wide-ranging reforms, possibly setting the stage for a funding battle like the one that plunged the U.N. into financial crisis a decade ago.

Actually, what it really threatens to do is force the UN to change it’s ways or die of starvation… a move the US should ahve done long ago if peace nad freedom are at all on the list of goals.. as they should be.  The US is the 600 lb gorilla here and should start acting like it. The Democrats won’t like it, but the voters likely won’t much care what the Democrats like and don’t like. We had best remind the Democrats that what they’ve done so far about the UN has worked so very well…