is saying, from Zion Ill:

The man charged with stabbing his young daughter and her best friend to death was denied bond Wednesday during a court hearing. Authorities said he confessed to the crimes in videotaped interviews.

Jerry Hobbs, who had recently been released from prison on assault charges — told investigators he was angry at his 8-year-old daughter Laura Hobbs for breaking curfew when he tracked down her and her friend Krystal Tobias, 9, in a wooded park, prosecutors said Wednesday.

He punched Laura and then killed both girls, stabbing his daughter over and over again in the neck and eyes, prosecutors said during Wednesday’s hearing, the accused killer’s first court appearance.

Here’s a clue:The guy was just out of jail in Texas, where he’d been serving time for chasing residents of the Trailer park where he lived, around with a chain saw.

Ya know, when you’ve got a dog that’s foaming at the mouth, you don’t release it on probation. The Judicary still doesn’t get that simple, straightforward fact.