Scott Fybush over at NorthEast Radio Watch gives us an update on Cranston RI mayor Steve Laffey. According to Scott, Laffey is….

….now suing the state Board of Elections over the ruling that Laffey’s (now cancelled) Friday talk show on WPRO (630 Providence) constituted an improper campaign contribution by WPRO’s owner, Citadel. Laffey argues that there’s no FCC prohibition on sitting officeholders hosting shows if there’s not an election underway, and he says his right to free speech is being violated by the ruling. (Steve Kass has expanded his 9-11:45 AM show back to five days a week in the meantime.)

I wonder if the BOE would rule that Michial Moore’s movies being run at the local theatre, would be considered an improper campaign contribution , were HE running for mayor?

Somehow, I tend to doubt it.