Tony Blankley on Tom Delay:

“I understand why the Democrats are going after Tom DeLay. Snakes gotta slither, mosquitoes gotta bite, hyenas gotta laugh, and Democrats without a blooming idea in their heads gotta go negative. ”

Blankey agrees with my take on the reason DeLay is under attack today:

Tom DeLay has been the most effective majority whip in living memory, never having lost a vote. He has engineered passage of every vital piece of Bush legislation as majority leader (sometimes with as little as a single hard-sought vote difference). By his tough work in Texas he has almost assured Republican control of the House for at least another decade. (I say “almost,” because a party of nitwits and cowards are capable of throwing away anything.)

Tony takes it a step farther, though.

If a party can be stampeded — by phony charges and a run of shoddy stories in whorish newspapers — into dumping their most effective congressional leader, I wouldn’t give two cents for their near term future. A party that would voluntarily cut off its own testicles and FedEx them to their opponent as a trophy is not likely to manifest any regenerative powers. That’s the thing about losing those organs.

And that’s really what the Democrats are after, here.

And Tony brings up a point that’s bothered me from the outset; the charges are as phoney as Bill Clinton, just as they have been all along… The Democrats have been trying to bring DeLay down for years now, and have not been able to do it. This explains the desperation we see.

While I’m here, I suppose I should re-address the discussion over at Q&O on this topic;

McQ, and Jon; Ethical questions are fine to pursue, and were it anyone else making the charges, they’d be worth investigating. . But hadn’t you better make sure the charges themselves have credibility, before you jump on board with the Democrats? We’ve heard the cries of ‘wolf’ far too often from the Democrats to take them this seriously, now.

In any event; Read the whole thng; Tony’s good this morning.