“The question that you can’t answer is: what good did it do anyone for the Republicans to occupy the White House in a case like Eisenhower’s? “

Oh, that’s easy… You seem to be expecting that because someone wears a GOP button, that’s a limit on what they’re going to do. I hold no such illusions. As I said yesterday; I have been outspoken in my support of the President, and of a goodly portion of the Republicans… not because I hold any affinity with them simply because they’re Republicans, but because I see them, on the whole, as working toward the end of the reduction of government to it’s original purposes… at the moment. moreso than any other force being brouht to bear at the moment.

At the moment, they are going the direction we need to go. When I see someone come along that has a better change of providing what I seek, at that point THEY will have my support.
However, that situation … Ike… would certainly have been better than another Democrat, in any event.

Now, what makes you think that neolibs wouldn’t find themselves “forced into those positions”, especially since they’re going in to the thing announcing that they’re willing to give up the goodies for the privilege of sitting in office?

Simple; these are different times. Consider with me; Did you really expect a Reagan, or for that matter, a Goldwater in office, so closely following an FDR?  Of course not.

No… what we got was as far to the right as the electorate were willing to deal with at the time. However, we did manage to get a Reagan.. and now a Bush…who ARE willing to work to tilt the scales in the other direction. ANd guess what?  Such rightists have more support now than they would have in say the late 50’s (to keep with our example of Ike) because over that time people learned that when conservative ideals are followed, the world doesn’t blow up.

Like I’ve been saying; it’s a slow process.