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Road Trip?

Patrick at OxBlog [1] is apparently a bit more unbalanced than I’d noted previously. He’s planning a trip, he says.

in summer of 2006 I’m planning to celebrate long-overdue completion of my D.Phil. and a numerologically significant birthday by driving the Silk Road together with a dear friend, and we’ll be writing a book together about the people (and changing polities) we meet along the way.

The historical signifigance of this area is high and seems interesting.But I wonder about the sanity level.  He’s considering running in the Mongol Rally, but the chances of survival for such a trip seem dim…

Is it safe?
No, not completely

What lovely tropical diseases can I collect?
This is NOT a comprehensive list so for real information contact your local travel clinic who can also tell what to do about minimising the risk, but here’s a guide:

Meningacoccal meningitis
The plague

Now, I suppose, I can show this to my wife when I explain to her how mild railfanning trips with my boys really are.