Drezner last night decides to take on the task of reading and arguing Andrew Sullivan’s TNR peice. Glenn’s been commenting on this one too.

The two of them do a far enough job of trying to argue with him as if they take him seriously. I suppose they DO take him seriously, and I think it a mistake. But, even there, I think they get the better of the argument.

Let’s go for the root of the problem, though.

  • When I see someone claiming conservatism, who quite publicly supported the most left wing candidate possible; John Kerry
  • When I see a homosexual calling loudly for homosexual marriage at the expense of all else, and yet still claiming Roman Catholosim;
  • When I see an ostensive Brit liberal, trying to re-define for his own purposes what it means to be an American Conservative;
  • When I see such a man in his opening Para claiming that it’s American conservatives that are confused;
  • Well, I gotta tell ya…it’ll all I can do to hold my chair for all the laughing. It’s like Elmer Fudd claiming Jack Warner had a widdle speech prwobwem.

    Sullivan’s attempts in this article at self-justification… and that’s really what that article is… are about as impressive as Teddy Kennedy complaints about simulated drownings at Abu Griabe.

    What amazes me is anyone takes Sullivan seriously, anymore, when he breaks out his label gun.