Chrenkoff comments on the irony involved in the left wailing about…..

….a “missed opportunity” to elect a representative of the developing world (most likely a Latin American) who would have a better understanding and better outreach to the world’s poor. Conservative German apparently simply won’t do.

True… and I’ve commented here as well.

One of Arthur’s commenters adds a question:

What I don’t understand, and please someone explain, why some people want to change the rules (theology). Why stick around?

To which I respond:

For the same reasons Homosexuals have been trying for years, against the tide of public opinion, to get homosexual marriges made legal, both in the secular world and within the church itself; SELF-JUSTIFICATION.

And Arthur, your comments are directly online with my own comments last Sunday.
I said, there, in part:

While proponants of liberalising the Church would argue that the Chruch must respond to the falling membership numbers by veering left so as to become more ‘relevant’, the fact is, veering left has already been done… to the opposite of the stated desire of bringing more people into Chruch membership. The problem wasn’t that the chruch wasn’t liberal enough, it was already TOO liberal. Rather like the older gent in the Buick stepping on the gas rather than the brake, the results of the error in judgement are the exact opposite of the desired… and are usually catastrophic.

A look at the relationships between church membership in Non-Roman churches, between liberalised doctrine and falling membership reveals a rather startling picture; While there were falling membership numbers during the 60’s, memberships fell even faster in following years, in direct proportion to the rate at which the various branches of Christiandom liberalised their doctrine. Rather than warming to the idea that the chruch was now being “more inclusive” the numbers of filled pews went down like a stone.

Yeah… “Oops”.

It’s true that many within (And more without) the church will not be able to get their mind around those facts,(Usually responding with charges of rampant bigotry within the church) but those ARE the facts.