I’ve always found Chris Dodd’s seemingly going to bat for the Turtle Bay Crime Family, (TM) otherwise laughingly known as the “United Nations” amusing. But I’d like to make note of something that Novak mentions, almost in passing, in his column last week; the attacks on him are all in the realm of the personal… the left are all being cagy, here, being quite careful not to cast him as a critic of the UN. The UN you see, doesn’t poll well among most Americans. So Dodd, Boxer Kerry and so on are all trying to attack Bolton on personal grounds… As one wonk put it this morning, they’re complaining about his table manners.

So what’s Dodd’s malfunction on Bolton? Dodd wants normalized relations with Castro. Bolton doesn’t. Funny; Dodd never casts the argument in that light, but Novak makes a fair enough case for that being the real issue.

Update: As I say the Democrats are trying to hide their support for the wildly unpopular UN, and having a time of it given the “oil for food” scandal just keeps growing. But once in a while, they show their true colors. Random Nuclear Strikes has a response to an anti-UN letter that was sent by a voter to Harry Reid’s office. Check the back and forth, here. Also check out the Junkyard Blog’s comments on the matter.