GOPBloggers notes the tirade of Grand Keegle of the KKK, Senator Byrd of WV: (Yes, they are the same person)

Between Howard Dean’s racist remarks, and Senator Robert Byrd’s latest rant, I don’t know how the Democratic Party can call themselves the party of tolerance and diversity.

Robert Byrd, defending his party’s obstruction of Bush’s judicial nominees, invoked the name of Hitler, making a most offensive and irresponsible comparison. Denouncing the GOP’s threats to employ the “nuclear option” in order to allow the Senate to their Constitution duty to confirm judicial nominees.

Byrd, in his rant, sung the praises of extended debate. Apparently, however, The Senator has a short memory when it comes to the virtues of extended debate as a roadblock. For example, his own use of that tactic to argue against the Civil Rights act of 1964. The Official Senate website records it this way:

At 9:51 on the morning of June 10, 1964, Senator Robert C. Byrd completed an address that he had begun fourteen hours and thirteen minutes earlier. The subject was the pending Civil Rights Act of 1964, a measure that occupied the Senate for fifty-seven working days, including six Saturdays. A day earlier, Democratic Whip Hubert Humphrey, the bill’s manager, concluded he had the sixty-seven votes required at that time to end the debate.

Must be a BITCH being an old racist, and have your memory go like that, huh? I can only hope someone in the Republican party will have the stones to remind the good Senator of his own use of this “extended debate” roadblock tactic.