You’ll recall I mentioned my mother-in-law’s dog needing a new home.
Last night we got word that someone will accept him. Great news!!!

Only one problem; They’re in Cape May, NJ. Even that wouldn’t be a problem.. as I said before anywhere within aournd 600 miles, I’ll drive the dog there. But we need to link up in Cape May before 4pm on Saturday… and I can’t leave Rochester before about 8:45.

Mapquest makes the drive 390 miles… around six and a half hours, more or less. Which leaves me about a half-hour, or 45 min of leeway. (Yikes!)

I’ve made the drive before and know the area pretty well, (at least as far as the Franklin Bridge) so normally that wouldn’t be an issue. But I’m concerned about the weather costing us time, this weekend.

This will be interesting.

PS: Obviously, Bit’sBit will either be a day early or a day late this weekend; Can’t be helped.