Yankee says:

A few weeks ago, Oliver Willis went on C-Span with Patrick Ruffini. Glenn Reynolds caught the same comment from O-Dub that several of us did, that, “I’m just not willing to launch a headhunting campaign against someone based on secondhand reports.”

Ollie went on to email Glenn: “Now, am I willing to launch a campaign based on firsthand knowledge? You bet.”

So now, I am terribly confused.

By quick review of O-Dub’s site, I counted at least a dozen posts about Jeff Gannon, including one where he called Gannon a male hooker.

Well, Gang, it’s like I said last week, this is a case of slay the messenger.

ANYONE bringing serious challange to the left’s mantra of lies was going to get stopped by any means needed. (Including “Yeah, well, he’s a homosexual!”… a charge which would have brought screams from the left… if the left were not the ones bringing it.)

………. In proof of the bias aspect, consider this in your own mind; Postulate a John Kerry Administration (Shudder) with Left Side Bloggers asking Gannon-like questions of Mr. Kerry. Think for a second this wouldn’t be hailed as a GOOD thing by the MSM? An opening of the informational avenues which could only be considered good? Kerry would be taking credit for being so open… an openness the left has been screaming the Bush administration does NOT have.

At the very least, do you think for one hot second they’d be raising this much stink over Gannon being there?

I don’t.

And Willis, of course is just being the good leftist goose stepper he’s always been.