Billy, quoting McPhillips:

But it could be that Verdun is still going on in the Usenet trenches, and that the nuances of truth are squared off there against the litter of lies more profoundly than at any time in the history of human beings. That could explain why you have poison gas artists like Hanson still over there, even as he becomes the Party’s mainstream.”

(To begin with: if you don’t know this “Hanson” character, then count your lucky stars. He’s one of the most poisonous entities ever manifest on earth. Some of you think Democratic Underground is bad. Let me tell you: they’re pikers by comparison to this thing.)

I absolutely agree. In fact, I will say that Usenet political groups are the bleeding-edge of the culture wars, even today.

For a long time, I have laughed in derision every time I heard some asshole on TEEVEE pronouncing on what “TheAmericanPeeple” think or want. It’s all horseshit. If you want to get a grip on something like that, go read any political group in Usenet. That’s where the intelligentsia’s product settles for effect, and all you have to do in order to sort the implications of that is reflect on the state of “the intelligentsia”, today.

Hmmmm. Based on what I’ve been seeing there of late, Billy, I’m not overly sure I agree,here.

We agree about the left-wing trolls, ala Hanson, the late Blakely and Langsetmo running roughshod over the place, but there’s a big reason for that; they’ve had their asses kicked too many times to count in blogdom. So, they retreat to freindly territory. In Usenet they don’t have much in the way of competition; the whole thing takes on the quality of DU(h) without hte cheesy graphics and without what little moderation there is at DU(h)… the reason is that anyone with brains has given Usenet over to the single- braincell entities like the aformementioned Hanson, Blakely and Langsetmo.

Martin’s note suggests he’s seeing poeple actually taking these nutbags to task, but I left there months ago because frankly, I don’t see it myself, even now. Some links of people still carrying on the fight there would be of use. Some examples of a two-sided civil debate being within those confines would be freakin’ miraculous.

Trust me; if I see such, I will admit to being pleasantly surprized.