One of the people I have the most respect for of anyone on this planet is Doctor Thomas Sowell. HIs column, this week is calledVictory and defeat:

” In the eyes of some people, nothing that the Bush administration does can be right. If the President were to create a program that would end earthquakes and tsunamis tomorrow, critics would demand to know why he is allowing wildfires and lightning to continue killing people.
The defeatists who have been defeated are already saying that the election is ‘just the first step’ toward democracy. Every step is just one step. Invading Normandy was just one step, the battle of Midway was just one step. But, without those steps, World War II might not have been won.
Senator John Kerry loudly proclaimed on ‘Meet the Press’ that the Iraqi election represented President Bush’s ‘last chance’ to ‘get it right.’ Nothing is easier than to demand more from somebody else — even when you yourself have been an obstacle to achieving what has already been achieved.”

A worthy read, as his always are.