Ed at Captain’s Quarters notes a bit of problems in Michigan’s Democratic Party.

“The Michigan state chair of the Democratic Party called demands from the DNC for an audit of campaign funds a political tactic designed to “tarnish” one of Howard Dean’s main opponents in the race for the DNC chair. Mark Brewer refused to conduct an audit on the $8 million in question:”

Well, OK. The idea of something tarnishing the rust that “Yeaagggghhh” Dean represents aside for the moment:

It’s clear that Brewer, the Mich state chair knows there’s a problem, here one that will cause some serious problems for the curent Mich Democratic party leadership, himself particularly. He seems quite defensive for someone who thinks he has nothing to hide from his own party.

More, it’s clear the DNC knows it too. Think; If we assume that latter charge to be true… that this misappropriation of party funds was brought up simply to further the goals of the Deaniacs, then it’s clear the Deaniacs withn the National Committee, knew a long time ago that there was a problem with the way funding goes on there.  But we can’t have them blaming John Kerry for nearly losing the state for the first time in decades, can we?

One could logically then ask the question that had the Mich State party leaders supported Dean, would the NC be saying thing one about the misappropriation of party funding?

And one also wonders, who else besdes the Deaniacs knew about this, and didn’t say anything?