Toranto today makes mention of a group of people that aren’t so happy about the elections in Iraq the other day:

Yesterday was a great day to be an American, and an even better day to be an Iraqi. Notwithstanding the best efforts of Osama bin Laden, Barbara Boxer, Jacques Chirac, Ted Knnnedy, Saddam Hussein and Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, millions of Iraqis cast their first free ballots. The scenes of joyous Iraqis embracing freedom were as moving as watching Germans dance on the Berlin Wall 15 years ago–and all the more impressive given that Iraqi voters faced real physical danger from terrorists seeking a return to tyranny.

True, James, True. And notice the way those names are linked together. Given their relative positions on supporting freedom, they will always be linked together.
To ths list, I wuld add: John Kerry, and his supporters. I would add Howard Dean. I would add Harry Reid.  All these leftist Bush haters, and so many more, who opposed this fight for freedom every step of the way… and who are still in spite of all evidence, are claimng it was all for naught.

The left is going to be a long time trying to find a way to deal with being shown as so very wrong. If the disarray we see them in at the moment is any indication, it’ll be a couple generations at least.