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Dems Weigh Delaying Gonzales Appointment

YahooAP says [1]:

“WASHINGTON – Senate Democrats are considering filibustering Alberto Gonzales’ nomination to be attorney general over his role in developing the Bush administration’s policies on treating foreign detainees. “

So, let’s see if I understand this.

The Democrats are considering trying to block the first Hispanic ever nominated for AG.
They’re doing this because he suppsoedly approved of harsh interigation tactics incidental to the 9/11 attacks.
I mean, leaving aside the issue that Gonzales’ involvementin the matter was to render a legal ruling in the matter… on a law that was passed by Congressional Democrats and signed into law by Bill Clinton… and that Gonzales’ ruling with respect to that law, was right on the money…. All that aside, I have only one question to ask of the Democrats….

” How’s the Kool-Aid, gang?”