Boortz this morning:

watched Paul Begala on Crossfire yesterday … he was talking about Bush’s proposed spending cuts.  Now, bear in mind, Bush is proposing a cut of less than one percent.  Eight-tenths of one percent, to be exact.  That would be the equivalent of eight cents out of ten dollars.  So, how does hyper-partisan Paul Begala handle this?  He says that the Bush budget would SLASH money from the budget in communities around the nation.  SLASH I tell you.  Is this responsible commentary or just plain fear-mongering?

Well, of course it’s fear mongering.  It’s one more example of what I was talking about at Q&O, yesterday responding to Jon Henke’s worry about never getting real reform. I responded to Jon:

The voters have to be convinced that the removal of those supports won’t cause the world to end. We got here over a period of nearly a century… it’s not going to end outright in four or eight years, particularly doing a time of war.

By way of comparison, I bought up the Iraqi situation:

The Democrats have been screaming bloody murder, making all kinds of dire predictions, none of which have come true… the most recent of which was that the Iraq Elections went off on schedule.

The Democrats… the Chicken Littles of the outfit, are now scraping bits of sky off their faces as a result with the voting public. The world didn’t end.

Same with Afghanistan. For all the fear mongering that the Democrats have been engaged in, exactly none of those dire predictions they’ve been making have come true. None.

So, along comes a very small cut in the federal budget…. 8 tenths of one percent in total… and the Democrats are acting once again lke the world is going to end… as Boortz says, Fear mongering.

Thing is, the voting public is starting to see this grandstanding by the Dmeocrats for what it is… the very reason the Democrats are getting more shrill in their objections to this stuff is because they’re less effective in swaying the electorate… they feel they have to turn up the volume, as it were. More fear mongering.

Think the denegration of the Reagan years is central to the Democrats for no reason? No, they are desperate to re-write history so as to position budget cutting as the third rail.  But watch what happens when the small cuts go through and the dire predictions of the Democrats are yet again exposed as fear mongering.  Budget cuts at that point ill no longer be the third rail of American politics, but part and parcel of it as the good things that come out of those cuts start happening.

At that point, the move away from the nanny government can start in earnest because at that point it will have the public support it deserves.